Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dr. Linda Engagement

Congratulations to Dr. Linda
Finally our job arrangement has been done even we have been through quite a lot of difficulties.
Thanks again, for your trust to Beauty of Bridals.

Client : Dr Fazdlinda (a.k.a azza elite )
Theme : Peach
Location : Seremban Jaya, N9
Date : 13th March 2010
Package by : Beauty of Bridals ( Mini pelamin, make-up, hand-bouquet, accessories )

Seeking for make-up artist or engagement package within your budget? Ring me for further enquiries!

+6012 6649487


Mrs Farhan said...

nana...suke sgt dengan make up dr linda ni...natural je...i mmg suke yg mcm ini...hope dapat bekerjasama dgn u one day nnt...=)

Nana said...

thanks mrs farhan ;) me too..

Nana said...
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cik Nemo said...

cantik sgt2. sy berminat!