Saturday, May 22, 2010

4 persons in a row! phew..~

At first, i have been informed that there will be only 3 persons wanna do the make over. righttt..
i was arrived a bit late due to usual reason; son must be left at my mom's place. heheh..being cranky baby, he always took my sweet time to send him there :0
but anyhow, i still managed to come at the right time; get these 3 person ( in mind) to be prepared..
hokey, that was in my mind.
but boy was i wrong..they were 4!! meaning added another person and it would take more time to finish *bite nail*
cool down. being me, i've tried to be as cool as i can from my expression to avoid any blood pressure hehh. alhamdulillah, everything turned well! i can finished at about 7.00pm <-- which is better than what u expected!! *applouse please*
well, with my limited time..i think that's a personal record for me so far *BIG GRIN*

ok...speaking of these 4 sweet ladies. they are attending their faculty prom nite. and i have been given a trust to be their make-up artist for today! hehe..
OK OK..let's stop membebel now. so ladies, do enjoy these piccas ya?!

Client : Dilla & Frens ( sorry girls, i forgot each name! )
Location : Apartment Local Student, Kolej Lagenda
Date : 21st May 2010
Thanks adik-adik! hehe..

me with the ladies..masa ni si nana ( first person )tu tak dtg lagi untuk final photoshoot..

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+6012 6649487

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