Saturday, May 15, 2010

She's gonna tie her knot..

with Zul..insyaAllah by this coming Oct 2010.
and i will be her mak andam (pronounce = makan dam ;p) at Seremban side.
Congratulations Zul! pandai ko pilih. :)

This trial session happened at my place, and i hope she happy with the end results. Her flawless skin made my job much more easier.

Thanks for coming over, sorry sebab takde ape nak dihidangkan ..luqman buat kaco ade lah. hehe..

Ok let the rest do their speaks..

Before ( at first i forgot to snap until i have put some fondesen ;p)

the eyes..

she looks familiar to me, thought we have met once before. tapi tak hingat. or she looks like this one make-up artist which i met at one of my client kenduri kawen..

Seeking for make-up artist within your budget? Ring me for further enquiries!

+6012 6649487

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