Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sophia Solemnization & Berinai - 091010

Okay, i have been assigned to make-up her about 2 months ago by Pelamin Hati.
I never know her before, but once i knew her..i was like "eh3..macam dah kenal lama la.."
She is really easy-going-person to deal with..She treated me like a family.
...and pi-mai pi-mai tang tu jugak. 
what a small world.
ok to make it short, let's d piccas do their talking..

Client: Sophia
Location: Kg Dato' Dagang, N9
Date: 091010
Make-up by Beauty of Bridals

Solemnization ( after asar )

Berinai ( after 'isyak)

* sorry for the bad quality of images. please wait for the professional pics. tq
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