Monday, November 22, 2010

just an another updates on zana ( bertandang )

pic courtesy from fren of zana


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fairoz Engagement - 21st November 2010

Client : Fairoz
Date: 21st November 2010
Location: Kg Batu Sesapan Rembau, Beranang
Make-up by Beauty of Bridals



Make-up for dinner - Zulia 20th Nov 2010

Client : Zulia
Date: 20th November 2010
Location : Puncak Perdana, Shah Alam
Theme : Traditional
Dinner for IT Maybank Department



what a tiring weekend ;)

I supposed to have 4 session in a row for this sweet lady. 
but the only pics i have at this moment is during her reception at her side n bertandang..
for berinai & nikah, i forgot to bring my camera along, plus the light does not help to make the pic awesome if i take using my hp camera. uhu ( u noe my camera right ..ahah). nampaknya tunggu si zana ni bagi lah gamaknya. uhu..
anyway this job i got from pelamin hati. ( please visit their blog for variety of pelamin,,cantik!). Thanks Pelamin Hati!

Client: Syazana Hazra
Date: 19, 20, 21 November 2010
Location : Tmn Cempaka, Ampang
Make-up by Beauty Of Bridals

Bertandang ( tak tunggu dia salin baju bcos i was so in rushed!)

ok dahhhh..hehehe..make-up for berinai n nikah will come later since the pics was blurrrr!

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


i'm not so sure whether this is great news for you or not..but at least, i should inform you what i'm gonna do ( at least to offer you at this moment)
but i think this is good enough for those who waiting for the great deal especially in the end-year.
ok, i'm opening for ALL who wants to do make-over/trial/ANY session as LOW as RM50 on this weekend at my place ( in hotel somewhere in KL ) because i will be around. hohohoh..happy tak???
just come over to my place, then i will cater your needs as promise, OK?
all its up to you, but here i just want to spread this news because i just love to give you a chance to live on a beautiful life ( life is beautiful, right)..and if not now, when? 
you might want to use it for your personal purposes, so i won't care. it's your right.
do call me as soon as possible to inform your availability at 012 6649487!!
i'm waiting for your call and get you ready for your own occasion!!



*t&c apply

Friday, November 12, 2010

Suhaida Solemnization - 12th Nov 2010

Ok this make-up session happened in Bdr Sunggala in PD 3 hours ago ..
See, fresh from my camera ;p
Her event was at night, so i have chose chilli-red as her lips color, while less-heavy for her eyes. 

This combination somehow made the bride looks outstanding, instead of always being pale or nude.
just to try something different..why not??

Client : Suhaida
Date: 12th November 2010
Location: Bandar Sunggala, Si Rusa, PD
Make-up by Beauty of Bridal
not-so-trimming eyebrow as per requested


Sunday, November 7, 2010

more update (pic) on zul & fazan..

i just grabbed all these piccas from the photog. he just uploaded about 4 pics, so just layan what we have over here...!!


*pic courtesy from alang candy talker

Zul & Fazan ( or Alin or Nina ) Reception - 6th Nov 2010

Yesterday's job was an awesome.
We were able to join ( or help) the photoshoot session in the hotel room. Of course after i have done everything, together with husband ( he was there joining us too ).
It's really really awesome!!
Instead of the photo-shoot session, there's something that i had belajar on that day. hurmmm..let's keep it in my heart ;)
SOrry guys, i didn't take any 1 of the photos though, but has been promised with the photographer (& groom as well) to pass the photo ( especially when i'm in it =) ) to me once its ready.
but today, what i'm gonna post is, a pictures that have pengantin that i grab from their fb ( of course ).
so just take a look first ya? ;)

Client : Zulkarnaein & Fazanina Amar
Date : 06th November 2010
Location: Dewan Tun Hussin Onn,Kolej Mara Seremban
Make-up, Hair-do & hand bouquet fresh flower by Beauty of Bridals

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Friday, November 5, 2010

saje-saje nak hapdet ( ada sape kisah??)

hehehe..sedang duk menjenguk2 fb, nampak si azman ali duk online. so tegur dia dlm chatbox..saje nak tanya pasal gambar. dia cakap masih dalam editing. buttttt..nak jugak!! hahaha..sbb for me, gmbr2 yg without editing ni pun kalau dtg dari a good camera, outcome dia still superb!! (lain la dari camera kaput i ni..sigh..bila la nak dapat 1 dlsr ni)
so dipendekkan cerita. dia pun bagi la 3-4 keping gambar masa makeup itu hari ..eheheh..thanks man!! 
gambar ni masih melibatkan si sophia masa di kg dato dagang pada 10.10.10 hari itu..

so layankan aje lah..:))
during the make over session..

kening drawing

this is solemnization make-up - wah senyum lebar ko ek!

tudung styling.. kak andam tak tahan duk senyum je ( ahh mesti..)

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Monday, November 1, 2010

thanks to you ( u know who u are)

ok saja nak memenuhkan ruang i post this picture. just got it from photog ( which is without editing as per what i have requested )..
heheheheh sorry ler man, memaksa plak memalam buta ni ;p
aku kira promote ko ape? ngeh ngeh ngeh...
ok to get more info, kindly go to ilhamkayaman accordingly :).
he such a good photographer who r really multitasking.bkn takat ambik gmbr saje, boleh tulung pengantin macam2 lagi. heheheh..

me with kindhearted-sophia


Aisyah Engagement - 311010

ok now i admit, i'm a lazy person..
just make it all pictures in 1 box..
just 4 your eyes dihujung minggu..

Client : Aisyah
Date : 31st October 2010
Location: Kg Parit Istana, Terachi
Make-up by Beauty of Bridals 
No eye-brow trimming ( as usual)

She have requested me to provide the hand-bouquet. SO yes i did! thanks =)

 p/s i love your dress detailing! very simple, yet elegant..caya lah..:)

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