Wednesday, November 17, 2010


i'm not so sure whether this is great news for you or not..but at least, i should inform you what i'm gonna do ( at least to offer you at this moment)
but i think this is good enough for those who waiting for the great deal especially in the end-year.
ok, i'm opening for ALL who wants to do make-over/trial/ANY session as LOW as RM50 on this weekend at my place ( in hotel somewhere in KL ) because i will be around. hohohoh..happy tak???
just come over to my place, then i will cater your needs as promise, OK?
all its up to you, but here i just want to spread this news because i just love to give you a chance to live on a beautiful life ( life is beautiful, right)..and if not now, when? 
you might want to use it for your personal purposes, so i won't care. it's your right.
do call me as soon as possible to inform your availability at 012 6649487!!
i'm waiting for your call and get you ready for your own occasion!!



*t&c apply

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