Sunday, November 7, 2010

Zul & Fazan ( or Alin or Nina ) Reception - 6th Nov 2010

Yesterday's job was an awesome.
We were able to join ( or help) the photoshoot session in the hotel room. Of course after i have done everything, together with husband ( he was there joining us too ).
It's really really awesome!!
Instead of the photo-shoot session, there's something that i had belajar on that day. hurmmm..let's keep it in my heart ;)
SOrry guys, i didn't take any 1 of the photos though, but has been promised with the photographer (& groom as well) to pass the photo ( especially when i'm in it =) ) to me once its ready.
but today, what i'm gonna post is, a pictures that have pengantin that i grab from their fb ( of course ).
so just take a look first ya? ;)

Client : Zulkarnaein & Fazanina Amar
Date : 06th November 2010
Location: Dewan Tun Hussin Onn,Kolej Mara Seremban
Make-up, Hair-do & hand bouquet fresh flower by Beauty of Bridals

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