Sunday, December 12, 2010

Aifaa Engagement - 121210

This is Aifaa..
I knew this gal few months ago..
i'm not only know her, but i know her parents too..
she came over to my place once she asked me about the pelamin and make-up..
however, she ended up hired me as a make-up artist for her E-day :)
overall, i love working with her ( & family)..
thanks for your trust, Aifaa :)
..and not to forget, your family treat too.. hehe

Client : Aifaa
Date : 121210
Location : Tmn Dato Abd Samad, PD
Make-up by Beauty of Bridals

Interested? Ring me for further inquiries!


1 comment:

Eida said...

Aifaa,my cousin,u hve done great job