Sunday, December 26, 2010

Woottt woott!!

hey galss out there..
i do not know how to start..
but to make it short..i have GR8 PROMOTION here!!!!

make-up as low as RM70 per session..
just come to Glory Beach Resort this Saturday, 25th December 2010 (1230 - 7pm) if you need yourself being look presentable on your SPECIAL DAY! be it wedding, E-day, dinner, dating or bla bla bla..=). or if you insist to arrange personal make-up lesson with me, why not? just come over and give me a ring ya???
so book it now ladiessssssssssssss!!!
i'll be around!! woottt woottt!!! =))

click click click & fill in form if you wanna ask me anything..
or calling2 me @ 0126649487
or you might shoottt me an email to

promotion not valid for outside makeup request

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