Sunday, January 2, 2011

3 in the rows..

...boleh tak pendekkan cerita dan buat dalam 1 entry sajork ;)
baidewei, on yesterday ( 1.01.11 ), i;ve got 3 jobs in a row.
so to make it short, i post those piccas in this entry ya? hehehe..boleh la kan. malas punya pasal, layan saje lah! =)

First Job
Ana Engagement
@ Tmn Acarsia ( kot, lupe ah ), Sikamat
Engagement Package by Beauty of Bridals ( Mini Pelamin, Make-up, Handbouquet, Accessories )
Before make-up pic can refer to her trial make-up here ( malas nak snap lg haiii..!)

Second Job
Yuni Engagement
@ Tmn Desa Rhu, Sikamat
Make-up with accessories by Beauty of Bridals

Third Job
Ila Engagement
@ Tmn Permai
Make-up by Beauty of Bridals



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