Monday, February 21, 2011

It's tooooo silence!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blame me..blame my hormone..erkk! no..NO..NO..i'm not pregnant, yet! hahaha..
it just because of mood of 2011..dunno why but i'm too lazy to update this blog even though i still have pic to upload. pfftttt.....
plus i was always forgot to bring my slr camera..pfftttt again!

btw, this is pics..ermmm few weeks ago that i managed to snap using my phone. hehe..just first, this sweet lady really scared about the outcome. she had emailed me her trial makeup with other MUA, her engagement makeup in order to ensure i would not do the same mistakes. ok ok..i took her word..and alhamdulillah, she sent me an sms a day after for a compliment. alhamdulillah, she loves it! thanks sara..i'm honored!


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